What is Mass Save?

Free Home Energy Assessments & Rebates for MA Residents

Mass Save is an initiative dedicated to enhancing the energy efficiency of residences in Massachusetts. Its primary objective is to minimize energy waste and assist homeowners in saving money. The program brings together multiple utility companies, energy suppliers, and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to offer rebates, loans, incentives, and training, all aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes in Massachusetts. Whether you're seeking financial benefits or aiming to decrease your ecological impact, Mass Save is certainly worth exploring. 

Does My Home Qualify for Mass Save?

Regardless of whether you own a home, rent a property, or are a landlord, the Sponsors of Mass Save® provide complimentary virtual or in-person Home Energy Assessments to assist you in discovering the most effective ways to save energy effortlessly and conveniently. An Energy Specialist will evaluate your existing energy consumption, assist you in devising a strategy to enhance the energy efficiency of your home, and educate you about potential rebates and incentives for which you may be eligible. 

Most homes qualify for Mass Save as long as they are serviced by one of the program's sponsors (National Grid, Eversource, Cape Light). To check your eligibility go to the Mass Save website or call 866-527-SAVE.

What Programs & Incentives Are Available?

Incentives and rebates vary over time so while the ones listed below are valid in 2023, it's a good idea to check the Mass Save Incentives page and confirm with a representative. The programs can be complicated to navigate so it's important to reach out to an expert Green Realtor if you need some help outside of what Mass Save phone representatives can offer.

What If Mass Save Is Not Available in My Area?

Don't worry, most towns that operate their own private utilities (like Wilmington, Peabody & Danvers) have rebate and incentive programs as well. Check your town's website for more information.

Along with that, their are many State and Federal incentives, rebates and programs that can help you finance your energy efficient home improvements both big and small. One great Federal program can help you receive a large tax break after installing solar.