Moving to Malden

Advice from a local realtor

Are you considering a move to Malden? Look no further! This comprehensive blog article serves as your go-to resource for everything you need to know about relocating to this vibrant city just minutes away from downtown Boston. Let's dive into the ultimate guide to moving to Malden written by a local expert and top Malden realtor!

Discovering Malden: A Snapshot of the City's Charm

Malden's proximity to Boston, diverse community, and unique cultural heritage make it an ideal place to call home. When it comes to neighborhoods, Malden has a great variety, each with its own special features, here are just a few of the great places in Malden.

Maplewood: On the east side of Malden and a bit quieter than Center, Maplewood borders Melrose and Saugus, providing easy access to these great communities, highway 93, 95 and route 1. With a more suburban feel, Maplewood is greener and generally less busy. You'll find great food options in Maplewood center, like Fortune Corner and Crazy Good Kitchen - two of my go to spots.

Malden Center: The heart of Malden and the hub for commuting to Boston via the Malden Center Orange line MBTA stop or the plethora of bus options towards Boston, Somerville and Cambridge. There are endless options for great food and fun in Malden center at places like Boda Borg, Idle Hands, Mystic Station and Crying Thaiger. Here is a list of my favorite restaurants in Malden, make sure to try them all!

Forestdale: Centered around the Forestdale School and Pine Banks Park cemetery, this lovely neighborhood is full of beautiful gardens, a maze of roads and lovely homes situation in close proximity to Oak Grove, Melrose and all they have to offer.

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Navigating the Malden Housing Market

Finding the right housing in Malden is essential. Explore various housing options, including apartments, houses, condos and multi-family homes. Your best resources is a realtor who lives in Malden, like Alex Navarro, who can use his expertise and experience to help you buy a home in Malden. Alex especially loves helping people looking to move to Malden that are first time homebuyers.

Before you decide on Malden, you should explore all that Malden has to offer. Discover the city's parks, recreational facilities, and local attractions like the Fellsmere Pond and the Malden Museum of Fine Arts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant shopping and dining scene, and experience the best of Malden's culinary delights. If you have any questions about this great city, reach out to the top real estate agent in Malden for help!

Transportation and Commuting Made Easy

Malden provides excellent transportation options for residents. Whether you prefer public transportation on the MBTA busses or Orange Line, driving, or biking, you can use it all here in Malden. We have the Northern Strand bike path and many main roads with bike lanes for safer commutes. 

Healthcare and Emergency Services in Malden

Ensuring access to healthcare is crucial and thankfully Malden has quick access to local healthcare and hospitals like Melrose-Wakefield just over the border and Mass General Hospital is a short train or car ride away.

Let's get you all the necessary information to make your transition smooth and stress-free; call Alex today at 978-886-3271 or book a free consultation to learn more about moving to Malden. You can also check out the full Malden Resources page for a lot more info on Malden! From choosing the right neighborhood for you to exploring local attractions and accessing essential services, you'll be well-prepared for your new life in Malden. Embrace the charm, diversity, and convenience that this fantastic city offers. Welcome home to Malden, MA!