Top Malden Area Eats

Have you been out to eat in Malden yet? Have you left the endless but often repetitive options of the city behind and adventured to the edge of the Orange Line? Well if you haven’t, now’s the time. This bustling Boston burb his teeming with new construction, old classics and a rapidly improving restaurant scene. Whether you’re here for everyone’s favorite pub food, classic dim sum or the best Mexican food in Greater Boston, Malden has what you’re craving.

When I first moved to Malden 5 years ago, there were two places that became instant hits for me; Serena’s in Maplewood Square and Mystic Station right downtown. Serena’s has what I believe to be some of the best Italian food in the area. Their fusilli is fresh made daily, their dishes are a mix of the classics and some Calabrian specials that are must tries. Their intimate setting is hidden on the edge of Malden in the often overlooked Maplewood Square but it is absolutely worth a visit. Their hospitality is lovely and the pace is perfect for a romantic meal or a family get together where the conversation is as important as the food and wine. You won’t have to spend a week’s pay to enjoy dishes that exceed what you can find in the North End either! This is a must stop and a staple for me and my family. 

Update: Sadly, Serena's was forced to close after their building was purchased by the Mystic Valley Charter School, however, the head chef and owner is still cooking and is cranking out his specialties at the Exchange Street Bistro, right downtown! We're sad to have him leave our square but so happy his food gets to live on in the Malden scene. 

Mystic Station brings about a whole other vibe but sticks to the theme of top-notch hospitality. Their owners Bryan and Nicole know just about every person that walks through the door. Sit at the bar once and Joe, John or Mike are sure to remember you forever as well! Their fare is diverse, extremely comforting and always delicious. Being that they’re a pub you can also expect an extremely wide range of craft beer options and great cocktails. Get the buffalo chicken dip and a burger and you’ll be happy for a week - just long enough to hold out for another visit!

Speaking of beer, if you love craft beer, live music and an Irish pub in its purest form (outside of Ireland) then Hugh O’Neills should be your next stop. This dark and wood covered mainstay has been around forever for a reason. They crush it and Eoghan never ceases to find the most amazing beers and spirits to share with his loyal patrons.

What would a visit to Malden be without some dim sum though? Certainly a wasted one! Head over to Sun Kong between 10-3pm every day of the week for authentic Chinese delights, both savory and sweet. The wait may get a bit crazy at times but will always be worth it for their myriad of dumpling offerings, salt & pepper shrimp and sesame buns.

Malden might not be a place that you expect to find an Ethiopian restaurant but Habesha is a hidden gem on the edge of Malden center. A unique experience for the uninitiated or a taste of home for a transplant, this spot has what you need - absolutely stunning food, done the way it’s supposed to be done.

Last on the list is a bit of an extra addition, because honestly, I can’t go a few weeks without stopping by for a margarita and a steaming molcajete. While it might be just over the border and located in downtown Melrose, Mexico Lindo is always hoping. Their Tex-Mex dishes on the menu are delightful but the real treasures are the authentic Latin-American dishes hidden throughout it. Their mole sauces are magnificent and their molcajete is to die for. Check them out and be sure to branch out and try something new.