Homebuying 101

How to buy a home,
from pre-approval to closing.

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Find the Right Agent

Finding a real estate agent that you trust and feel comfortable with is as hard as finding the right house to call a home! Make sure that your agent is as invested in your happiness as you are and they are an Accredited Buyer's Representative!

"Working with Alex was a great experience he helped us in all stages of the process and was always there to listen and guide us. I can never thank you enough Alex, I would recommend you to anyone!"
- David & Fery

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Figure Out Financing

Ask your agent to connect you with their favorite lender so you can bring your full financial picture together. You can't look for homes or make offers if you don't know what you can afford or how much it'll cost.

Understand the Costs of Buying

The sale price is just one part of your purchase, you will also need to plan for the rest. You can learn more about each item here but I've summed them up below:

Searching for a Home

Work with your agent to create a search pattern and go out and see homes with them - don't go alone! Learn your likes and dislikes and prepare to make an offer. Your best bet is to have a consultation with an experienced agent before you get started!

Go Under Contract

It could take one weekend of open houses or three months but once you find the one and get your offer accepted, with the help of a Real Estate Negotiation Expert, the timeline will look something like this: 

There is no such thing as a typical purchase in real estate but if things go smoothly and you work with a great lender, like Brian Driscoll, you can go from accepted offer to closing in 21-45 days in most situations.

Plan for Your Move

Closing date can change so have a backup plan in case of a change in closing date; generally it's very wise to avoid moving in and out on the same day. It's worth paying an extra month's rent to move out slowly and it gives you time to clean your new place while it's empty!

On the day of closing, be sure to call and update all the utilities for the home so they know you've taken over the property; water, electricity, gas and internet.


I hope you took the day off and be sure to bring your photo ID, final payment and any other documents required by the closing attorney to the closing.

After Closing

Go checkout the first things to do as a new home owner for the full list but below are some key things to remember:

Thank Your Agent

I gratefully rely on the satisfaction of my past clients for new business and with you as my cheerleader, I will continue to be able to connect with and help more people reach their real estate goals every year.

I am never too busy for your referrals and thank you in advance for connecting me with anyone in your network looking to learn more about buying or selling.