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Your first step is to setup a free consultation with Alex but if you've already done that, it's time to talk to a lender. You can't make a plan without know your buying power; set up a free call with my favorite lender so we can start planning your next move! Having the right realtor and lender on your team is vital to success for first time home buyers. 

Brian Driscoll is an industry expert with two decades of experience helping buyers and homeowners finance their next move or refinance their current mortgage.

Read more about Brian here and set up a call with him today.

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Are you buying a home in Somerville or a first time homebuyer in Malden? We've got you covered, wherever you are moving: Melrose, Medford, Andover, you name it!

We can also help you if you are selling your home and want to know if you can buy your next home first without selling or if you need to sell before you can buy.

Either way, we can help you make a plan!